Is there any hungry shark evolution cheats to make game easier?

Is there any hungry shark evolution cheats to make the game easier? Yes there are various cheats to make the game easier.These cheats are made in a manner that they can be used by any player playing the game.Below are some of the cheats:

1.There are free video trailers when watched a player earns extra coins and gems.As a player before getting into the sea and cause havoc; its important to visit the free coins and gems shop.The shop can be located when the diamonds total option is tapped.A selected number of trailers to be watched are available each day the game is played.One gem is given in realtion to every watched video.

2.100 coins is granted per watch for the videos;these can be gained on a day to day activity.There are occurences where the videos are not availble.Another method is liking the Facebook page of Hungry shark evolution;5 gems are gained after liking the page.
3.Dealing with enemy crabs that are gaints is also another option of gaining more coins and gems.Giant crabs are found by seeking dungeo entrances;this is where big fights can be found.The bigger the crab the easier to defeat it.A large shark can be used to defeat the giant Crab.When the crab is provoked it fights back.The crab has weak points that change colour.Green indicates that its in full health,orange indicates that is half healthy,and closer to death is indicated by red.

4.Purchase a baby shark by the use of coins or gems.The baby shark swim besides the main shark and help eat anything on the way.

5.It is important to collect the daily reward treasure check.The chest is located in a tunnel near where the Reef shark begins.The chest opens when midnight clocks.On the first day 100 coins is given,on the second day 300coins are given,on the fourth day 400 coins are given and on the fifh day gems are given.

All these cheats work in hungry shark evolution and a player can progress in the game with little difficulty. So Download hungry shark evolution hack tool now and enjoy the game.